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Boxing Development

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It has been said by most coaches in most fields of sport that it takes 10,000 hours of Coaching & Conditioning and every aspect around the development of a world class athlete, from the moment he or she starts the sport until they get to world class level of competition or a champ if a boxer. Now I am not saying that I am looking at Producing a Champion, but i am just saying when you see the world title fights on your TV, these guys have put a lot into it over the years, from the moment they walked into a Boxing Gym, they all would have went through the below Process:-

Unconscious Incompetence

This is the starting of Learning process, when you are not sure what you are doing, unaware of your weaknesses, and it seems like you won’t get a grasp of what your trying to learn.

Conscious incompetence

This is where you are getting good understanding and some moves don’t feel right and weaknesses do exist, and this can be the make or break for most sporting students as this stage can be very frustrating. 

Conscious competence

At this point you will be learning good skills set and move’s, but in some stages of learning you will still need to really be thinking about what you are doing, but normally at this stage the individual will need a lot of inspiration, to keep them on track and also motivated.

Not only Practise Practise Practice, But good Practise.

Unconscious competence

This is the stage where you skills set becomes very good and your technique and movement becomes second nature to you, you may have developed your own style encouraged by your coach, you get more motivated and excited the more you learn, as this means the  better your becoming at your sport. It is from this stage that Professional boxers and world champions are at.

People move through this Process at different pace of learning however people can go through the stages and regress through lack of Practise and training. Boxing is learnt and People develop at different speeds. You can be made to enjoy the CPT Boxing Experience.

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